Electrical repair for residential House, apartment and villa’s

In the modern high tech world the usage of electricity became a fundamental Human need. In the modern and metropolitan country UAE where the automation and electronic system are developing rapidly a small electrical failure make you fall in the Dark Age. Electrical repair services are a very important need of home safety and utility. If fix correctly, they help save your power. Keeps your home free from fire hazards and also guarantee that your other pricey electrical/electronic equipment has a longer life.

Whether you have faulty lights accessory or a circuit breaker tripping problems that seems to call Electrical repair Company .FarisAC is a well known market leader and Electric Repair Service Company available 24 hours a day to assist you. We offer benefits such as quick, dependable and affordable home electrical repair services in UAE.

We Work for you

If you are looking to get electric repair for home improvement needs today then FARISAC electrical repair is the ideal company to use for all of your needs. You rely on the use of electricity completely many areas of your home on a regular basis. When your electrical home fixture is acting up it may affect your ability. There will be more good things when you rely on us for the below repairs.

Our electrical repair services include:
  • Repair or replacement of light fittings
  • Replacement of burnt out power sockets
  • Rectification of loose electrical connections
  • Identification of overloaded circuits and rectification and to prevent over-heating
  • Phase out of corroded wires or cables
  • Check circuit breaker, different voltage at power socket for correct earth connection
  • Visual checking of Water heaters
  • Test exhaust fans
  • Check and measure load current for all phases
  • Cleaning of panel
We are very best in RESIDENTIAL Electrical System Maintenance:
  • Lights Bulb and LED light replacement
  • Ballast Replacement
  • Light switches replacement including dimmable types
  • Power socket replacement
  • Additional Power point
  • Running of concealed wire


  • Electrical Power Failure
  • Electrical Power Trip
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Short Circuit
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Rewiring

A short circuit fails your whole system of electricity at your home. Call our trained skilled technicians who not only replace your home wiring but also apply some checks to avoid any future incident.

Installation of Electrical Equipment’s:

We congratulate on your new building or home. Want an electrician to install electrical equipment? Call FarisAC.

Electrical Repair service is a approximate difficult job in the presence of strict safety procedures applied by the department of public safety UAE. Though, it is really a challenging job for any worker to do so. But for FarisAC workers it is a routine work. We work in many situations and do many installations and repairs at our customer’s home. That’s why you don’t need to worry. Solve your issues by just making a call and your describe us, problem will be resolved immediately.


Electrical systems need regular care and attention to establish the safety of not only the space but also the people working in it. As such, having the support of a professional and experienced electrical maintenance company in UAE is a crucial part of maintaining a business.


We have been in the market for years now and have gratified to varying electrical repair requirements to clients of diverse requirements and needs. We understand what each customer needs before we begin the execution of the work so that we can meet all the needs of the customers. Rendering customized and bespoke electrical repair services in UAE, we never bother our clients.
Our team of exceptional electricians and electrical engineers will carry out the project with impeccable quality and care so that the clients never have to worry about any safety issues. Our track record of offering exceptional services for clients of different sizes and scopes shows that we also have a client-centric approach that will never leave any client dissatisfied.
-Defective light fittings
-Damaged or burnt out power sockets
-Dirty electric panels and distribution boards
-Loose electrical connections
-Overheating wires and burnt cable insulation
-Corroded wires or cables
-Short circuits or incorrectly wired earth leakage
-Imbalanced power circuits
-Abnormal sounds in light fittings

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FarisAC is a Far runner company for AC repairs in UAE.

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Refrigerator repair for even gas leak is not under budget for many customers.

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