The proficient and expert for refrigerator repair

We all have this pricey appliance at our home and if we suffer due to its stoppage or failures we either retire or get refrigerator repair in very high price especially in UAE. All the needs end up with a high repair cost when we talk about refrigerator repair. Therefore FARISAC offers a wide range but simple repairs at your door step for refrigerator, freezer or fridge. Indeed this opportunity no one would love to leave. Helping hands with low cost like FARISAC will send an squad of highly expert repairing technicians.

How extra benefits will come for refrigerator repair if you hire FARISAC

When there are several issues you find like broken parts, leaks, malfunctioning of ice makers at a time. FARISAC will either offer a complete with discount quote and will repair these common issues at site to delay and spoil your food or stuff in your refrigerator.  If you get late then the last thing you would need is to have to throw out food you paid good money for because your refrigerator needs to be repaired and the repairman took too long to get there.

Our aim to make repair in UAE as hassle free

FARISAC specialized team aim to make refrigerator repair in UAE as hassle free as we possibly can. The repairmen of FARISAC know how to repair most brands of refrigerators. Therefore it is very likely we won’t have any anxiety with your fridge repair. UAE residents rely us so we make sure our squads are well trained for many models of Refrigerator, fridges and freezers.  You don’t have to cart your appliance anywhere. We will come to your place and take care of the refrigerator. UAE residents love this kind of service and we know you will too.

Faris Al Madina Ac Repair Air (FARISAC) Conditioner Repairing Company

AC Repair

FarisAC is a Far runner company for AC repairs in UAE.

AC Installation

AC installation without worries is possible when FarisAC engineers works

Washing machine

FarisAC is a leading and well known company for washing machine repair

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator repair for even gas leak is not under budget for many customers.

Dryer Repair

FarisAC is your best partner for Dryers Repair in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Microwave Cooking repair

FarisAC offers Microwave, Cooking range and stove repair services

Electrical Repair

We are the leading home electrical accessories repairs.

Plumbing repair

Expert repairs possible with FarisAC team and engineers for plumbing

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